9 Days Left Till We Leave – Prayer Requests


Personal Prayer Requests:

-Pray that God would supply the final 4% support per month that we need for our new family budget. We need 2 supporters @ $50 a month, 4 supporters @ $25 a month, and 2 supporters @ $10 a month to be at 100% support by the time we go back to Zambia on August 2nd, Lord willing. To learn more about how to securely donate online, click here

-Please pray for the Zambian Kwacha/US Dollar exchange rate. Zambia recently outlawed using any other currencies in Zambia besides the Kwacha. This means we will no longer be able to pay budget items (like rent for our house) in US Dollars and will now be at the mercy of the Kwacha/US Dollar exchange rate, which means that our rent will fluctuate month to month, possibly as much as $50-$150.

-Pray for an extra measure of grace as we say goodbyes to so many dear friends and family here. Having a baby has made these goodbyes a lot more difficult than when it was just Kristin and myself. 

-Pray for grace and wisdom as we pack our bags to go back. 🙂 

-Pray that God would prepare our hearts and give us excitement and energy for going back to Zambia and diving into ministry and life with a new baby.

-PLEASE PRAY for a safe flight as we fly into London right in the middle of the Olympics and that Charlie would do really well and sleep a lot on the 8,000+ mile journey from Minneapolis to Lusaka. 

-Pray for unity, endurance, hope, and joy in Jesus for the AZ team in Zambia.

Our Ministry – The C.R.O.S.S. Project HIV/AIDS Prayer Requests:

-Pray for some one-time financial gifts, which we desperately need for the C.R.O.S.S. Project, to come in. These are very helpful to help meet our ministry expenses each month and for the year. To donate securely online one-time or monthly, click here.

-Pray for the three churches that we trained this term: Streams of Living Water, Church of the Nazarene (in Bauleni), and Church of the Nazarene (in Chaisa). Please pray for heart change in the individuals that went through the C.R.O.S.S. Project, that the Holy Spirit would move in their lives to glorify Christ as they reach out to those who are HIV positive and suffering from domestic abuse. Pray that they would take what they have learned and use it in their churches and communities and teach and train others in authentic Christian discipleship in these massive cultural issues of HIV/AIDS and domestic abuse in the church and community. 

-Pray that God would lead us to new churches to teach the C.R.O.S.S. Project curriculum to the second term of 2012 (August – November).

-Pray that God would awaken the hearts of those being trained to taste and see the beauty of God’s sovereign goodness even in HIV/AIDS and domestic abuse.

-Pray that God would pour out His grace on the Zambian Church and that it would glorify God in how it relates to HIV/AIDS and domestic abuse.

One response to “9 Days Left Till We Leave – Prayer Requests

  1. LOVE the family picture! Praying for you!

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