More Pics of Charlie

4 responses to “More Pics of Charlie

  1. Lisa Engelman

    Such a beautiful little baby boy! Congratulations Derek and Kristin!
    I especially love how you captured him sleeping just about anywhere, he will be a good little traveler!

  2. Katie Goward

    What a handsome fellow! I can certainly see both of you in him. What a blessing! And Kristin – you look great! You may not feel great for a while (sleeping though the night always helped with me!) but you do look vibrant and quite slim. Thank you, God, for children of all ages!

  3. Sweetness! What a beautiful family!

  4. I love the picture of Derek “babysitting” Charlie…(aka Charlie is sleeping on a chair outside while Derek chills in the air conditioning) ha ha. 🙂 CUTE PICS you guys! I am SO SO SO glad I got to see you while you were back in the states! Looking forward to the day I can make my visit to your neck of the woods 🙂

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