The Prosperity “Gospel” and Zambia

Recently, Justin Taylor posted a blog, “The Contemporary Footprint of the American Prosperity “Gospel,” and highlighted a new book on this topic. The footprint of American Prosperity “Gospel” is very large in Zambia and something that we deal with all the time as we teach through a Biblical Worldview of HIV/AIDS in the CROSS Project with churches from many different denominations.

For instance, at a Pastor’s Fellowship a couple weeks ago, when we presented our vision and goals for the CROSS Project, some of the pastors were pretty upset that we didn’t have a “name it and claim it” healing ministry for HIV/AIDS.

A couple of months ago, Pastor Conrad Mbewe also wrote a blog about the charismatic movement that dovetails with Justin’s blog and deals particularly with what is going on here in Zambia, and Africa, in general, with people’s mindset and worldview about this issue. It’s definitely worth the read!

Below is a typography animation video featuring a segment of a message by John Piper speaking against the Prosperity Gospel.

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