Zap Racket – Kill Bugs Dead

This is a special shout out video to Rick and Brenda Haase for buying the Zap Racket for us. We LOVE it and have gotten so much use out of it. In fact, last night before going to bed, we killed a giant cockroach and 4-in long grasshopper in our house with it. I think the Zap Racket’s motto is – the bigger the better.

Thanks Haases! Enjoy:

5 responses to “Zap Racket – Kill Bugs Dead

  1. Hilarious! We have this SAME EXACT video from Senegal. I love that thing. I always like to see how big of an insect it will actually kill. Sometimes you have to hold the racket on the bug for a LONG time, then it starts to smoke before the bug dies. I’d like to try it on a scorpion, and see how long that would take, but I’m a little afraid. Once I zapped Lucy the dog. Oops – but funny.

  2. And, why don’t we have those in the States?

  3. poor little bugs…

    …but I have to confess that I had one of those in Cambodia and it was indeed wonderful for killing mosquitoes!

  4. I love the fact that you zapped it one more time…just to make sure. 🙂

  5. Gail and Dru Wilson

    Our kids liked watching this! 🙂 (and the traffic video as well as the rain video) So glad to hear you have a vehicle now! Praise god for His provision! Hope all is well! Love and prayers, Gail Wilson (for all)

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