Out to Ciyanjano

Today I went with Kelly and Tim (teammates) out to Ciyanjano to check on the progress of a new water tower and for Kelly to talk with an exterminator to get some pest control in place (rat poison and buying some cats).

If you want to check out more of what Ciyanjano is and will be, Lord willing,  you can go here. But basically Ciyanjano is a 20-acre facility owned by ACTION Zambia that is located a little outside of Lusaka in the bush. For a very low rate, churches (and especially poorer churches) can come out from the dusty, dirty and cramped Lusaka and use this property as a ministry retreat/conference and camping centre for their congregations. In addition to local congregations using Ciyanjano, AZ ministries such as ours (C.R.O.S.S.) also can organize retreats and conferences here for the churches we work with in Lusaka.

Most poorer churches in Lusaka never have been able to go to a place that is clean, safe, peaceful and affordable, where they can take their whole congregation for a time of fellowship and growth in God’s Word. So, Ciyanjano helps fulfill a very felt need for poorer local churches here.

The road out to Ciyanjano can get pretty rough and wet and especially in rainy season. Here are some pictures I took of Kelly driving to Ciyanjano.

Ciyanjano wall fence and campground #1 in back ground

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