HIV in Zambia video

The movie below is one that I made recently about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zambia, Africa. The movie is a mixture of statistics and video footage that was filmed in Lusaka, Zambia in 2005 when Kristin and I were serving in Zambia for our year and a half short-term missions work with ACTION. Many thanks to Sevelino Vasco, Blake Walburg, Steve Ripley and Kristin Dearth for all taking part and helping to get the various Lusaka footage. Hopefully, over the upcoming weeks and months I will be making some more of these short videos about life in Lusaka from the footage that was gathered back in 2005.

The song that is overlaid on these statistics and footage is by Chevelle. The song has more of an edgy feel to it, and I think it is appropriate for the death and destruction that HIV/AIDS leaves in its wake in Zambia every day. In the lyrics to the song, if you think of the “red” as being AIDS, the song touches very effectively on the denial, silence, fear, and isolation that many Zambians feel everyday that are HIV positive or in the later stages of AIDS.

Our prayer is that the Lord will work mightily in and through the Church in Zambia to break the culture of fear, denial, silence and isolation that surrounds people with HIV/AIDS; that Christ would shine forth as the mighty, merciful, all-sufficient Savior that He is, no matter what the circumstances are; and that the Body, the Church, would reach out to those suffering and care for them and love them, just as Christ loved us and loves us with the disease that we all have, sin.

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