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Sam Turns 1 Year Old

Well, our blogging skills lately have been as good as our Nunchaku skills, which we get an F- at! We haven’t posted anything for a while about our kids (or anything else for that matter – sorry about that), so we thought we would share this fresh video of what both of them are up to these days. This is pretty much how most days look and sound… 🙂

We’re thankful for these two little guys and especially, lately, for Sam, who just turned 1 year old on October 30! This year has been filled with traveling, adjustment, and craziness, and we are thankful for this little guy, who generally has a smile on his face, except in the video above. God has really blessed us with two precious little boys. We would continue to covet your prayers for them. It seems like every two weeks one of them is picking up a little bug of some kind or another.

We’ll send out some more information soon – there’s actually a lot going on! Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

Charlie and Sam, Friends at Last (Video)

Well, in May, we ended up posting quite a bit about our kids. So, I guess to cap off the last day of May, we’ll post a little video of Charlie and Sam together. Charlie wasn’t so sure of Sam for the first few months of his little life, but they are becoming pretty good friends as of late. 🙂

In June, we’ll make sure we post more about how ministry is going and our upcoming trip back to the USA and Canada for the month of July.