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Marriage and Marshfield, WI

IMG_2680Christian marriage is always a hot topic in America with numerous opportunities for couples to attend a host of marriage seminars, weekends, or conferences that deal with marriage, sex, family, kids, etc. Zambia is no different, in that marriage and sex are hot topics, but there aren’t nearly as many opportunities for couples to attend a seminar or conference about marriage, sex, or the family.

Last week, ACTION Zambia was blessed to have a short-term team from Faith Fellowship in Marshfield, WI come and put on a one-day Marriage and Family Life seminar for present and former CROSS Project churches. On May 27 and 28, we had almost 400 people (couples and kids) come to Camp Ciyanjano. The topics that the team covered were Biblical Marriage, Marriage and Purity, Discipling Your Children, Leaving a Legacy, and Medical Care for Your Family. Because the extended family, and culture as a whole, plays such a big part here in Zambia, to live out a Biblical Christian marriage can be really challenging for couples, especially younger ones.

As a CROSS Project Team, we felt that the Marshfield team did a great job of explaining Biblical marriage and appropriately and biblically addressing difficult cultural challenges in marriage and family here in Zambia. The team also got a lot of complements from the participants that they were encouraged by the teaching and time.

Introducing Samuel Henry Dearth

We are thrilled to announce the birth of our second born son, Samuel Henry Dearth!! Sam was born on October 30th at 6:28pm CST. He weighed 8lbs 10oz and was 21 3/4 inches long.

Both Sam and Kristin are doing really well, and we praise God for a quick delivery after Kristin was induced yesterday at 2pm. Charlie is also doing well and is interested in this new addition to our family, but he’s not too sure about him yet and is still keeping his distance right now. We were able to get Charlie to give him a little kiss today though. 🙂

Please pray for us as a family during the next three days before Derek needs to go back to Zambia for a little trip from November 4-13. More on the need for this trip in the next couple of days.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers the last few days. God has been so faithful and gracious to us, and we praise Him for this precious little baby!!


Our Little Secret

There are some secrets that are easy to keep and some that aren’t. We want to let you in on a little secret that isn’t staying so little anymore. But thanks to living 8,500 miles away, we have been able to keep it a secret for about 16 weeks.


That’s right, we’re going to have an extra pair of feet to cover this October, another passport photo to get in November, more Christmas gifts to buy in December, an extra plane ticket to add to our trans-Atlantic/trans-Africa return tickets in January, and another car seat to buckle into our SUV when we get back. 

After our miscarriage in January, we have been waiting to make sure that this baby is healthy before making the announcement, and as of an ultrasound on Tuesday and lots of strong movement today, it seems that the baby may give Charlie a run for his high-energy money! We praise God for His good gifts to us and look forward to meeting Charlie’s little brother or sister in a little over 5 months!

When Forgetting Is a Sin

Many who know me know that I often have a problem of remembering things. This has proved helpful and hurtful in my marriage with Derek. Helpful – it is difficult to hold grudges against Derek if I can’t remember the offense. Hurtful – if I forget important pieces of information or things important to Derek.

And while not minimizing the ways I have hurt Derek in my forgetfulness, there is a kind of forgetting that is infinitely more serious and hurtful – forgetting God.
This morning in my devotions, I read Psalm 78, and it recounts the many times and ways Israel sinned against God during their wilderness wanderings. It begins, though, by telling how to not be like them:
“We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done” (v. 4).
“…Arise and tell them to their children, so that they should set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God” (v. 6-7)
But here is what Israel did…
“They forgot his works and the wonders that he had shown them” (v. 11).
“They did not believe in God and did not trust his saving power” (v. 22).
“…despite his wonders, they did not believe” (v. 32).
“They did not remember his power or the day when he redeemed them from the foe” (v. 42).
O, to remember! I don’t want to be like the Israelites in their forgetfulness, although I wonder how much I really am. How often do I tell about God’s glorious deed and might or recall his wonders and power? I am thankful for a merciful God who does not consume my for my short-term memory! And I am thankful for the tangible example I have in Derek, who shows me mercy on a daily basis amidst all my shortcomings.

26 Years Ago…

A long time ago (well, 26 years ago) in a land far away (well, the middle of Wisconsin), a doctor in a small rural hospital said those three words that would change my life forever: “It’s a boy!!!” Okay, so those three words didn’t really change my life, but that boy did!

Derek Stephen Dearth. DS Dearth. Double D. Dexter. Darryl. Whatever you call him, I sure am glad that I get to call him my husband.

And on today, his birthday, I am just going to publicly thank him for a few of the things that make it wonderful for me to love him…

Thank you, Love, for starting my car almost every time I need to go somewhere, especially on really cold mornings.

Thank you for loving missions and Africa and the poor.

Thank you for listening to all my half-baked thoughts and not laughing at me (most of the time).

Thank you for providing fully-baked (sometimes burnt) thoughts to our conversations.

Thank you for leading our home with servant-humility and strength and wisdom.

Thank you for not being intimidated by me.

Thank you for loving to donate to things like earthquake victims and tsunami survivors.

Thank you for your vigilance in organizing the office (even though I can’t find anything anymore!).

Of course, all of these things are evidence that God’s Spirit lives in you…so, I praise God for His work in you and His goodness to me in you. I love you!

CreamyLingonKukenKaka (AKA Lingonberry and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast – Swedish Style)

Some friends of mine have {graciously} been rocking my Swedish world and showing me that not all foods are Swedish just because a Swede cooked it. The most difficult one to accept was Panakuken (Swedish…I mean, Dutch, oven pancake). Apparently, Swedes are good stealers and just like to take credit for other people’s recipes – we’re convincing though, by just adding a “kuken” or a “kaka.”

The other day, I was attempting to recreate a wonderful delicacy that Derek and I had at a B&B – cream cheese stuffed French Toast. Conveniently, the only preserves we had on hand to mix with the cream cheese were lingonberries! So, our breakfast ended up becoming Swedish after all – Swedish French Toast! It was pretty putsy, but it was worth it. Derek said, “It’s like having cheesecake for breakfast.” Mmmmm…

We’re Alive!

After a three month reprieve from blogging, we’re making an attempt to get back into it. Looking back over the last half of 2009, we couldn’t figure out what it was that threw us into such a tailspin. Was it the friend’s wedding in CA in July? Was it the 2 week trip to Zambia in August? Was it Derek starting his last year of college in August? Was it the week of orientation in WA in September? Was it me getting not 1, but 2, RN jobs within a 1-week period in October? Was it beginning missionary support raising? Or was it being asked to help co-lead our wonderful small group?

It has been a busy time for us, and it doesn’t seem that there will be a slow down anytime soon! But we hope that we’ll be better at keeping you informed with all of the things going on, especially as we ramp up for heading to Zambia later this year.