My life has tended to be characterized by various obsessions to greater or lesser degrees. Playing guitar, knitting, photography, making yeast-free sourdough bread, perfecting homemade tortillas. And I have a whole folder in my computer of things that I could be obsessed about. Making soap. Quilting. Antiquing furniture. You get the idea.

But my current obsession is composting. I feel so trendy and organic when I ask people – “Do you compost?”


Our poor gardener has had to bear up with my thoughts and passions regarding how to implement what I read last on how to achieve and maintain a healthy compost. Over the last few months, I’ve seen that this mound of mulch has been growing into something more. And this morning, composting was confirmed as an obsession when I found myself separating everything I looked at into 3 categories: carbon, nitrogen, and garbage. (Zambia doesn’t recycle [GASP!], hence no 4th category).

One response to “Obsessed

  1. Lol, you are too funny!

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