2014 – A Year in Review Video

Here is our “2014 – A Year in Review” video! It’s a chronological collection of ministry (the CROSS Project) and family pictures from 2014. We are so thankful for God’s unfailing faithfulness to us this year, and we trust in His future grace for 2015 as we move into a new season of ministry with ACTION Zambia. Also, in case you missed our 20112012 or 2013 videos, just click on the years and you will find them.

Apparently, YouTube didn’t like the songs I put in this video, so I apologize if you live in one of the countries where this video will not work

Finally, thank you so much for all of your prayers and support for us in 2014!

One response to “2014 – A Year in Review Video

  1. What a beautiful 10 1/2 min. reminder that ALL is grace and ALL is a blessed mission in Christ – whether washing the dishes or teaching hospice care or loving on the Grandparents. Thank you for loving Jesus, and following Him. What a gift!

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