Lots to Pray for and Bethlehem Baptist Church Comes to Zambia!

teamBethlehem Baptist Church Team 2014

Thank you so much for praying for us as a family and for our ministry (The CROSS Project) here in Zambia. 

-Please pray for the Bethlehem Baptist Team of 11 people that will be coming this Friday! They will be putting on a Hospice Seminar from August 4-9 for recent churches that have gone through the CROSS Project. Then they will also be putting on a retreat for our ACTION Zambia Team for a few days after that. We are really looking forward to having them come!

For more information about the BBC Team, please visit their blog here

-Please pray for the over 100 participants from all around Lusaka that will be going through the CROSS Project Hospice Seminar. Pray that they would be helped in how to better take care of someone in their home both spiritually and physically. 

-Please pray for the participants at the Hospice Seminar who will also be learning about “Suffering and the Sovereignty of God” during the evening sessions. Pray that the Spirit would impact and minister to people’s hearts through God’s Word.

-Please pray for us (the Dearths) as we make preparations for our Home Assignment Sep 4th, 2014 – Jan 15th, 2015. We’ll be speaking at multiple churches around the Midwest and seeing friends and supporters as well. 

-Pray that this third term of pregnancy for Kristin would go well without complications and that God would bring Baby #2 to us safely.

-Please pray for John and Eta (our two national workers in the CROSS Project) as they teach our new 4-week Domestic Abuse Lesson at two locations this Fall as well as teach the normal 16-week CROSS Project curriculum at one church this Fall and also get some well-deserved rest while we are in the States.  

-Pray that God would work mightily in hearts, minds, and actions as people think and pray about how should they respond as a Christian and glorify God in HIV/AIDS and domestic abuse in their lives, their families’ lives, churches, and communities.  

-Please pray for CROSS (Derek, Kristin, John and Eta), as we help out in counseling and with some medical assistance at a local feeding program in George Compound for 100 HIV-positive children. It’s run by a local church and its pastor, Wozifera Ngoma, and his wife, Easter, who are also on staff with ACTION Zambia Ministries. The feedings happen for lunch every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

-Pray that God would pour out His grace on the Zambian Church and that it would glorify God in how it relates to HIV/AIDS and domestic abuse.

-Pray for unity, endurance, hope, and joy in Jesus for the ACTION Zambia team and sweet times in the Word each day. 

-We would really appreciate broad, general prayers for our entire ACTION Zambia Team as well as their ministries.

-Please continue to pray for more funds for CROSS, CROSS Graduation Bibles, and the George Feeding Program. 

Click here if you would like to donate to help get Bibles future CROSS Project graduations. In the Comment box at the bottom of the page, type “Bibles.”

Click here if you would like to donate monthly  or one-time to the CROSS Project.

Click here if you would like to donate monthly or one-time to the George Compound Feeding Program. In the Comment box at the bottom of the page, type “FTC George Feeding Program.”

One response to “Lots to Pray for and Bethlehem Baptist Church Comes to Zambia!

  1. keijo leppioja

    Amen for Africa needs Christ and we too here in Scandinavien with amazing revival in outpouring of the HOly Spirit to joy and miracles toucn to fall down in Jesus blood sake in healing with salvation,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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