Our Little Secret

There are some secrets that are easy to keep and some that aren’t. We want to let you in on a little secret that isn’t staying so little anymore. But thanks to living 8,500 miles away, we have been able to keep it a secret for about 16 weeks.


That’s right, we’re going to have an extra pair of feet to cover this October, another passport photo to get in November, more Christmas gifts to buy in December, an extra plane ticket to add to our trans-Atlantic/trans-Africa return tickets in January, and another car seat to buckle into our SUV when we get back. 

After our miscarriage in January, we have been waiting to make sure that this baby is healthy before making the announcement, and as of an ultrasound on Tuesday and lots of strong movement today, it seems that the baby may give Charlie a run for his high-energy money! We praise God for His good gifts to us and look forward to meeting Charlie’s little brother or sister in a little over 5 months!

5 responses to “Our Little Secret

  1. Wonderful!!!!!

  2. Wonderful news!! Congratulations to you guys. We will be praying for healthy happy pregnancy, delivery, and adjustment to being a family of four.

    Fondly, Kerri & Brent

    Sent from my iPhone Kerri Roberts krosings@gmail.com 260 979178173

  3. Rayna Oswald

    Rejoicing with you. What a wonderful blessing!

  4. Gail Wilson

    So happy to hear!! 🙂 Praise to God… the giver of every good and perfect gift!!

  5. hurray! Thanks God!

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