The Carlsons Come Back to Zambia

Hi, everyone! Sorry for our lack of blogging this past month. We’ve been offline these past few weeks hosting Kristin’s parents here in Lusaka – Terry and Connie Carlson!

We, especially  Charlie, had such an encouraging time with them. Charlie completely fell in love with both of them, especially Kristin’s mom. His little self-esteem is just bursting at the seems with all of the praise he got from his two grandparents, and he now feels he deserves a treat after every meal and between everyone meal, too.

With going back on Home Assignment this Fall (more on this in a later blog), we were really praying that Charlie would bond well with Kristin’s parents, since we will most likely be staying with them in the States for most of the time, and we hope to leave this wild little boy with them so we can get away a bit! God really answered our prayers, and we are so thankful that Charlie was able to have some fun and quality time with some of his grandparents!!

Besides watching and playing with Charlie, Kristin’s parents spent quite a bit of time just coming along with us as we taught at local churches with the CROSS Project HIV/AIDS ministry, that Derek coordinates, and Kristin’s Mom also helped out at a new Feeding Program for HIV positives kids that CROSS is now helping out at, which was a big help! So many of these kids are very malnourished,  and the clinic that the families have access to is always jammed with people. So, it very difficult for the families and children to get clear information and have time with the doctor to really understand their health issues and concerns.

We felt really encouraged, blessed, and loved to have Kristin’s parents come and visit us. These past few months in Zambia for us have been some of the hardest we had so far (also more on that in a later blog post), so it was a huge blessing to have Nana and Papa come and visit us!! Thank you so much for coming! We love you!!!

Below are some pictures from their time here.

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