Thank You Letter and the CROSS Project Starts

 This Thursday, we will start Term 1 of the CROSS Project for 2014! We have one church ready to go but are still waiting for our other two churches to get everything ironed out and ready to go (one church needs to find a venue, and the other is working out who exactly is going to come). But this is how it always goes as we start CROSS. Please pray that these two other churches would be able to get everything ironed out soon so we can start.

Also, please pray for God to open hearts and minds as we teach and talk with each of these churches for 16 weeks about sensitive cultural issues:

01 – Why We Do HIV Ministry

02 – HIV/AIDS – A Broad Overview

03 – Pre-Eminence of the Bible in Ministry

04 – How to Share God’s Word

05 – Understanding Stigma Surrounding HIV/AIDS

06 – HIV/AIDS Stigma in the Church

07 – Encouraging Believers Who Are Stigmatized

08 – Introduction to Counseling

09 – Facing HIV for Ourselves

10 – Family Disclosure of HIV Status

11 – Biblical Gender Part 1 – How Do Zambians View Gender?

12 – Biblical Gender Part 2 – Domestic Abuse and HIV

13 – Biblical Gender Part 3 – Gender at Creation

14 – Biblical  Gender Part 4 – Gender at the Fall

15 – Biblical Gender Part 5 – Gender Redeemed Through Christ

16 – Eternal vs. Temporal Perspective

Thank You Letter

IMG_1098RCZ December 2013 Graduation

I was cleaning out my backpack that I always carry with me for ministry and found a thank you letter from one of the groups that we taught last term (Reformed Church of Zambia). I thought you would find it interesting and encouraging.


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