Jesus Is Better Than Pumpkins

DSC01093There are many things we love about Zambia.

Much of the year, we feel excited about being in Zambia and ministering where God wants us. And there are a lot of things we get to do and see on a regular basis that most other people we know don’t. (Like go on ox cart rides or see “Beware – Hippos” signs).DSC01933DSC01743

If you try to imagine what it would be like to live in the Wild, Wild West, that is pretty similar to how it feels here. Kind of crazy and wild, but in a strange way, it all feels normal.


Anyways, there are times of the year where living here feels a little lackluster. Probably, the time where it is the most difficult is right now. Back in the States, it’s Fall. Everything looks, tastes, or smells like a pumpkin. Landscapes are colored with red, orange, and yellow (or if you live in WI, green and gold – Go Pack Go!). There is a crispness in the air. Activities are all starting up with fresh energy. And even as Fall freezes into Winter in a couple months, it is still so fun with all the holiday cheer and excitement.

These are all things that we miss. We are reminded more about the people and things we love and have left.

But these things also remind us of Jesus. If we love the pumpkins and colors and crispness and football season this much yet are still willing to leave it, Jesus must be even better. And the goal of helping Zambians love and delight in Jesus must be more precious than all of the other stuff.

Even still, there are days here and there where we feel a tinge sad about missing out on our favorite time of year. But then January comes…And all of the sudden, it feels pretty good to be here and not in MN! 🙂

We still covet your prayers for us – that we would taste and see the beauty and worth of Jesus above all other things and that God would be pleased to use us little fledglings to declare that beauty and worth effectively to those we minister to.

One response to “Jesus Is Better Than Pumpkins

  1. praising God for His strength in you all to help you see Him as more precious. 😉

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