Daily Differences Between My Life in Africa and America

IMG_2395#3,196: My response to a sick kid

For the past couple days, Charlie has been a little pukey, but overall has seemed in good spirits. But this morning, I found him in his bed with dried throw-up all over his sleeper and pack-n-play. And his room wreaked of, well, throw-up.

And an hour later, he has 4 diarrhea diapers right in a row. This launches a barrage of questions about what might be causing his tummy bug:

In the last 2 weeks, has he…

-Had any bug bites?

-Eaten anything strange (plants, bugs, dirt, parasites, etc)?

-Drank anything strange (dirty water, etc)?

-Touched anyone with something contagious?

-Been touched by anyone with something contagious?

-Where have we been?

-Is it just a 24-hour viral flu or is it something African?

-What are his vomit and diarrhea like?

-What other symptoms does he have?

-At what point would we need to get medical help and what tests should they run?

-What seasonal sicknesses are going around right now (malaria, cholera,   giardiasis, etc)? 

And believe me, that’s just the beginning. Out come the self-help books, like Village Medical Manual, to help make a diagnosis.

Thankfully, this time, after I’ve spent a couple hours reading, thinking through things, and monitoring Charlie, he seems to be turning the corner. Increased appetite, no throw-up, no more diarrhea for a few hours, wet diapers, and getting into mischief.

So, today, I thank God for just another ordinary upset tummy and not anything serious!

2 responses to “Daily Differences Between My Life in Africa and America

  1. Thankful as well! Glad he’s back “getting into mischief”! You’re a brave mom Kristin! Also, sorry I missed your call yesterday – I was on the phone with a client. I would love to talk soon – it sounds like you had a good chat with Kendall! Love you!

  2. Praise God Charlie is doing better! Yikes that’s scary all right. Psalm 71:5-6 are my cling to verses when I don’t know what’s going on with Redeem. He’s the One who created her and took her from my womb, and He will continue to sustain her all the days He has ordained for her. It brings so much peace.

    Good ‘ole Village Medical Manual – I pull mine out every now and again, too, but my diagnosis aren’t very accurate. Kinda like, Anthrax, remember? 🙂

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