We have been so privileged to have people from some of our supporting churches come stay with us, either for ministry related work or just to visit and encourage us. Recently, a friend that we met last year when we were in the States having Charlie came for a 10-day visit along with her younger sister.


This was their first time to Africa, so we had the honor of introducing them to our little corner of this great continent. Although Zambia has a lot of natural beauty, probably the most beautiful part of Zambia is her people, especially the Christians. They shine. Joyful smiles radiate from dark faces. With the majority of the country living in extreme poverty, it is a truly beautiful thing to see people content within their circumstances…and not just content, but happy…and happiness here tends to overflow in song and dance.

This was the Zambia that Jen and Emily got to see. At church. In the common-person’s market. In the caregivers at an orphanage.


They also saw a lot of our house and Charlie and our kitchen sink. From morning to night, they served us by chasing Charlie, washing dishes, picking up toys, and learning about our life here.


And a trip to Zambia isn’t quite complete without seeing Victoria Falls, one of the 7 wonders of the natural world, which borders Zambia and Zimbabwe. And if you’re already at the Falls, it’s just another hour to one of southern Africa’s best national parks, located in Botswana.


It was a full trip, and we are so thankful that Jen and Emily could come! Love you guys!!

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