Domestic Abuse In Zambia

As you may have seen in our latest newsletter, we are expanding the CROSS Project from just dealing with HIV/AIDS and issues affected by HIV in Zambia, to also putting together a 4-5 lesson Domestic Abuse Curriculum to teach in churches.

Over this past month or so, we’ve been trying to interview pastors and go to other NGOs and churches and find out more about the prevalence of domestic abuse in Zambia and if churches and other organizations are doing a lot to confront it. We’ve found out that, yes, domestic abuse is a very common problem in Zambia and very culturally excepted (Zambia only passed a comprehensive domestic abuse law in 2011) and not that many churches or organizations are doing much with domestic abuse, at least around Lusaka.

Below is video that was made by a secular organization to lobby the government to pass the 2011 domestic abuse law. Even though the video tells stories from a rural part of Zambia, these same issues are very prevalent here in the capital where we are, and maybe even more so.

Please pray for us as we seek to help churches catch a vision for combating domestic abuse in their own congregations and communities for the glory of Christ and his Body, the Church. This could really be an issue that the Church could lead the way in in Zambia and not be lagging behind the NGOs and government, as it has with HIV/AIDS issues.

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