8 Months Old and No Time to Waste

Charlie is 8 months old today and is not wasting ANY time trying to figure out what this world is all about. Every time we turn around, he is trying to make an escape out the front or back door, open kitchen cupboards to explore all the “no-no’s,” tip chairs over onto himself, open drawers to see what he can pull out, or suck or chew or slobber anything he can get his mouth on. 

Every waking moment is all about discovery. He is learning that doors with handles are probably hiding things that he should be getting into. The kitchen usually means food. The pack n play in his room means sleep. “No-no’s” MUST be really fun. Water is wet. Things that are out of sight still exist. Learning to stand includes learning to fall. Falling hurts, especially on a head or face. 

Charlie is also formulating a list of “favorites.” Currently, many of them start with the letter ‘B.’

Favorite words: Ba-ba and Ma-ma

Favorite foods: Bread, bananas, beans (not green beans). Although, right now, Charlie is going for anything chunky that promotes independence – if he can grab it with his finger and thumb, get it in his mouth, and chew it, he likes it. 

Favorite activities: Bath time and going for walks in the stroller

Favorite song: “My God Is So Big”

Favorite stuffed friends: Giraffe (for sleep-time) and Monkey (for awake-time)

Favorite toys: “Charlie’s radio” (Baby Einstein music toy), Zippity Zoomer wind-up car, and the classic, colorful stacking rings

Favorite game: Peek-a-boo

Favorite enigma: Ceiling fans

Least favorite things: The brown sheet for his pack n play, getting his face washed after meals, and getting dressed after bath time

It’s so fun to see this busy boy develop and learn all these things for the first time. We could never imagine life without him. Thank you, God, for this precious gift!

One response to “8 Months Old and No Time to Waste

  1. Oh how I adore “Charlie Posts!” 🙂 What a rock star.

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