Don’t Forget!

Amidst the excitement of freshly fallen snow and the sparkle of twinkling lights, it can be easy to forget to send your Christmas cards to those in warmer climates. So, this is your reminder to still send them! 🙂 We love to hear from you, and we still have some of your family pictures on our fridge from last year.

Here’s our address:

Action Zambia Ministries
C/O Derek and Kristin Dearth
P/B 230X Ridgeway
Lusaka, Zambia

One response to “Don’t Forget!

  1. Good news – you will (Lord willing) get a Christmas card from us.
    Bad news – seeing as it isn’t even mailed yet (and taking into consideration the Zambian mail service), who knows when you will get it.
    Good news – Christmas will last longer this way!

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