Back in Zambia

Sorry for the long 8-day delay announcing we’re back in Zambia! Thanks so much for all of your prayers for our flights, especially regarding Charlie. He did so well and slept almost all of the first fight (besides feedings) and almost all of the second. He didn’t even notice the dreaded ear popping  on take-offs or landings. Thankfully, there were a lot more kids on the second flight than the first, and Charlie was actually one of the quieter ones. We arrived in Lusaka really tired early last Saturday morning, but with all of our 12 bags, stroller, carseat and Kristin’s parents (Terry and Connie) all in tact.

This first week has been busy seeing teammates and friends, unpacking, getting our house in order, getting our phones, bank card, fuel card and a host of other things working again and in order. Kristin’s parents have been a huge help in unpacking and organizing all of the stuff we brought back for Charlie, and I (Derek) have really enjoyed having Terry tag along on all of my errands.

This coming week we will be planning graduations for the C.R.O.S.S. Project from term one that John and Eta finished teaching while we were gone and then begin to get the new churches lined up that we will be teaching for term two (end of Aug-Dec) .

Here are some pics from our time back. It made me realize we need to take more pictures!


3 responses to “Back in Zambia

  1. Love those pics. Keep ’em coming. Also keep Connie and Terry out of trouble.

  2. I’m so glad all went well in returning and settling in. And how lovely to have your parents there! As you transition into your new “normal”, may you be greatly blessed with grace and peace. 🙂 The pictures are great! What a handsome dude!

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