Baby Bump – 35 Weeks

35 Weeks…And Getting Bigger!!!

With only 5(ish) weeks to go, I’m definitely feeling my “bump”…especially when it comes to tying my shoes, picking anything up off the ground, rolling over in bed, and getting off the couch. I’m getting more and more excited to see the little guy that squiggles and squirms and turns my belly into a misshapen, autonomous, moving mass.

God has been so good to us in all our doctor’s appointments – and there have been many since landing in MN! The most recent appointment, with an adult congenital cardiologist at the U of M, revealed that I don’t need to be considered high risk anymore. This is a huge weight off our minds, because it means that I get to be treated like a normal patient delivering a normal baby! Yay!!!

So, I suppose we need to start focusing our attention now on getting all the “gear” ready – a new life filled with pack’n play, car seat, diapers, onesies, and nuks…And we probably should nail down a name, too.

But for tonight, we dream and wait.

6 responses to “Baby Bump – 35 Weeks

  1. We are SO excited, filled with affection, longing, anticipation, and joy. Really speechless with delight!

  2. Rayna Oswald

    Sooo glad to hear the high risk tag is no longer!! Enjoy your birthing experience, if possible, and treasure these moments. You look wonderful!

  3. Mulungu atamandeke for being no longer considered high risk! That is great news!!! The countdown is on – it will be fun to see who has her baby first!!!

  4. I ADORE YOU!!! I cannot WAIT to “meet” this little guy…even if it will be from a distance for a little while! Love you guys 🙂 And Happy {almost} Mother’s Day!


  6. Praise God! Getting closer…so exciting! We’ll continue to pray as you get ready to welcome this sweet baby boy! 🙂

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