11,500 Miles Traveled in 21 Days

Sorry for taking so long to give a little update on our time back in the States so far! We have been traveling a lot since being back: on 3 continents, through 9 states, and stayed in 5 different homes and 2 hotels in 3 weeks. We first flew from London into Texas and stayed with some friends, the Riesterers, from WI, who are now living down in Austin, Texas because of a job transfer. Our close friends, the Hetricks, were also there, and we all had a great time together in fellowship, eating a lot of Texas barbecue!

We then drove up with the Hetricks to Minnesota and spent a week there visiting with friends from Bethlehem Baptist Church and family in the area, which was so encouraging! Kristin was also able to go to to her first OB appointments in the States. We’ll update date more on Kristin and Baby D in the future, but right now everything is looking really good – praise God!

From Minneapolis, we drove to Wisconsin for a few days and spent some time with my (Derek’s) family, which was very fun. Then, on the 17th, we drove to Indianapolis for the night to see Kristin’s brother and sister-in-law – Bjorn and Kendall – and a couple of their friends and talk a little bit about their upcoming trip to Zambia in September!

Now, we are up in Mt. Pleasant, MI for the week to spend time with Kristin’s parents, rest a little bit and also share with their church (First Baptist Church) about our time in Zambia so far.

As we have spent time traveling and seeing friends and family, it has reminded us afresh how much we miss all of them when we are in Zambia and how much God has so richly blessed us with so many great friends and family!! We look forward to seeing many more of you soon!

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