See You Soon?

On Thursday morning we begin our trek back to the States for 4 months. As many of you know, this 4-month trip is multi-purpose. The MAIN purpose is to have a baby! But another big purpose is to connect with the individuals and churches who have supported us in various ways over the last 1 1/2 years. 

So, through our blog primarily, we hope to keep you all updated with where we’ll be, in case you’d like to take the opportunity to connect as well. For now, we will just mention the month of April, but there will be several more places we are traveling to in May and July. (In June, you can come see us and our little guy). 

  • April 9-13: We will be in the Twin Cities and will have several mornings and afternoons free to get together for coffee or just hang out. (The Mpls area will be our “home base,” so we will be around more in May, June, and July when we’re not traveling or speaking elsewhere).
  • April 19-25: Mt. Pleasant, MI. There are a couple dates and times to keep in mind – April 21, 1-4pm is an Open House for us at Terry and Connie Carlson’s house (just an informal time to see people and have more time to talk); and on April 22, First Baptist Church is giving us the entire Sunday School hour to talk about our past year of ministry, and we will also briefly share in the main service.
  • April 27-29: Appleton, WI. Friday and Saturday are totally free to get together for breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Also, Derek is preaching at Community Church on Sunday morning, and we’ll be around before and after the service to chat. (If you can’t make this weekend, don’t feel bad! We’ll be back at the end of July and are planning to have an Open House before we return to Zambia and will be showcasing Baby Dearth).

If you’re in any of these places, we’d LOVE to see you! 

One response to “See You Soon?

  1. Kristin, are you even pregnant in this picture? I see no bump…if you are, I’m trying not to be jealous…

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