Rain, Hail, Wind and Two Fallen Trees

On Thursday, Kristin and I were heading home at about 1pm from a C.R.O.S.S. Project staff/prayer meeting with John and Eta. As we got a few miles from our house, Kristin remarked how ominous the sky was looking. It had started to rain a little bit, but the rain that was already coming down was coming down sideways as the wind really picked up. By the time we arrived at our gate, the wind was gusting hard, and hail and rain were coming down in sheets. We drove quickly down the lane to our house, dodging some fallen branches, and safely parked under our car port…only to look up and see two fallen trees in our backyard. Thankfully, they both missed our house and shed but ripped down the power lines to our house. Our backyard neighbor lost his whole back porch due to a large tree falling on top of it and crushing it. The Hilty’s got an avocado through their bedroom window when the force of the avocado tree falling catapulted the avocados through the air. One of the reasons why so many trees fell was because these trees are pretty old and the water table where we live is so high that the trees are not able to really sink their roots down deep. God was very gracious, and no one in our little neighborhood was hurt.

Here are some pics below.

3 responses to “Rain, Hail, Wind and Two Fallen Trees

  1. Glad you guys are okay! Maybe you’ll need to remove those trees that “might be a problem in the future!”

  2. I’m glad you guys are okay. I’m thinking I agree with you, I like the house over the tree.

  3. oh dear! My fam. lived in Miami during Hurricane Andrew and we lost an avocado tree in our backyard. It was HUGE and we were told they fall over easily because their roots grow out more than down deep.

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