It’s the Little Things in Life

Though this is long overdo, it was too good for me to skip over. One morning just before Christmas, I was in a frenzy to get the rest of the Christmas cookies decorated that we were planning to give away to some of our neighbors later that day. There were a lot of things on our “to do” list that day, and I really wasn’t too excited about spending my precious morning minutes frosting and decorating cookies.

But after I finished, I looked at my rack of cookies and realized that they just happened to all get decorated in an amazingly orderly way! Fun!

One response to “It’s the Little Things in Life

  1. have you ever considered quilting? looks like you have an eye for patterns! these cookies look so yummy that my mouth is watering and I wish I could eat them (but my dr. advised me to stop eating sugar – so sad!)

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