Hannah, Joe, and Peter

Our friends and teammates, the Huckabys, have three cute kids. All of their kids have been so excited ever since they heard the news about us having a baby. And they all have questions or suggestions for me regarding the baby.

One of our recent discussions was after Christmas Eve dinner and how it’s not fair that my “after-dinner-belly-bump” is finally getting bigger than their’s (those kids can PACK the food away!), because there are actually TWO people eating when it only looks like just me. 

Well, these kids have also picked out names for the baby. Both of the girls think that, if it’s a girl (which they’re hoping for), we should name her Hannah. And if it’s a boy, Joe. Their brother is just holding out for a boy, so he didn’t pick a girl name. But his choice for a boy is Peter.

Why Hannah, Joe, and Peter? I asked. I suppose, if I could have put myself in the shoes of a 6 and two 4-year olds the answer would have been a bit more obvious.

But, without hesitation, they said, Hannah is for Hannah Montana, Peter is for Peter Pan, and we just like Joe.

I told them we’d consider it. But we have decided that our long list of boy and girl names will probably not get too much attention until after we find out which we’re having. So, until the next ultrasound…

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