Do You Roll with the Punches? (I Don’t Very Well)

The other day, I was rushing to get home and pick up Kristin, so we could race to the next thing we had going on in the day. On my way home, one of the very common bright blue public transportation mini-buses had just broken down at the intersection and was now stalled in the very small median. As I was waiting for the light to turn green, I noticed how everyone calmly and quickly filed off the bus and starting walking to find new buses to take them to their destinations.

Situations like these always amaze me about Zambians. They are used to having to “roll with the punches” of buses breaking down, waiting in line, people not showing up on time or at all, corruption, etc. Yes, some do get upset and make a scene, but by and large as a culture, people just keep moving on with their days.

As I was watching everyone de-bus, I prayed and asked God to give me more of this kind of attitude in my life. Not an attitude of complacency, laziness or not speaking up when I should speak up. But, an attitude of trusting God in all situations and not getting all uptight about everything and, especially, the little things.

My attitude should be more like, “Oh well, my bus broke down. God sovereignly ordained it to break down, so with His help I will find another one and keep moving with a good and godly attitude.” Easy to say. Impossible to do without the Spirit’s work.

2 responses to “Do You Roll with the Punches? (I Don’t Very Well)

  1. I can certainly relate, Derek. But you’re ahead of me on the learning curve as I didn’t have your insight until later in life. Thank you for your openness about life’s struggles. Dad

  2. I definitely need more of this attitude, as well.

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