“Elephant in the Room” Video Sketch

Every time we do sketches for C.R.O.S.S. they always crack me up, because Zambians are really natural actors. They are not shy at all in acting and really get into the rolls they are playing. Below is the “Elephant in the Room” sketch that we do to help illustrate the need for disclosing your HIV status to your family. In the poorer areas of town where we mostly teach, it is hot, noisy, and most people’s reading and listening skills are not the greatest, so sketches are an easy cultural way for us to get a broad point across and then we can expand from there.

Enjoy this video from our recent trip to Sinazongwe!

2 responses to ““Elephant in the Room” Video Sketch

  1. I liked the guy in the chitenge…lol

  2. Is a “chitenge” the guy dressed as a woman? Hilarious 🙂 I love seeing glimpses of where you guys are and what you’re doing! 🙂

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