Zambia Votes for President – Please Pray

Please pray for Zambia today as Zambians vote for their [new] President. Tensions for this election are high, and the race is close between MMD (Movement for Multi-Party Democracy) Rupiah Banda, the current president, and PF (Patriotic Front) Michael Sata. It seems so far that things are peaceful as voters go to polls, but things could get tense and violent in the next few days as the results start coming in and if it looks like it is going to be very close. There will most likely be allegations of corruption and rigging the election if MMD squeaks through. Please pray for peace in Zambia. And pray for the direction of the country. If Michael Sata wins, it will mean the beginning of a new political party in office and a change in politics, which has not happened in 20 years. 

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