Kristin Turns 30! – in Sinazongwe

This Thursday through Sunday the C.R.O.S.S. team as well as the Singletons (teammates) will be heading down to Sinazongwe to teach the condensed version of the C.R.O.S.S. curriculum to the Komena Pastor’s College, located very close to the shores of Lake Kariba (Kariba Dam pictured below). We are really looking forward to this time together and teaching this group of pastors and hopefully being an encouragement and help to them. It helps us get an idea of what the HIV/AIDS picture out in the rural/bush areas look like and the issues that rural pastors face in regard to HIV/AIDS. It’s really beneficial to have a well-rounded picture of Zambia (bush and city), because so much of what is in the bush (as far as views on HIV/AIDS) is brought to the poor areas of Lusaka (compounds) when people come for work. More on our time in Sinazongwe will be coming next week!

Another exciting event that will happen while we are away is that Kristin turns 30 years old on September 10th!! It is such a mercy of God to me that we have been married for the majority of her twenties, and I look forward so much and am SO thankful to God  to be starting this new decade of her life together!

Happy Birthday, Baber!! I love you so much!!

2 responses to “Kristin Turns 30! – in Sinazongwe

  1. I declare Kristin’s birthday a “Mandatory Fun Day!” Happy birthday, friendato!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Kristin! I was just thinking about you today when I wrote the date in my journal – I remembered it was either the 7th or the 10th. 🙂 May God’s blessings pour forth on your life, marriage, and ministry this next decade!

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