So Thankful for Kristin Joy

This past week at home fellowship group, Tim (our director) asked everyone in the group to go around and say one thing that they were thankful to the Lord for. I said at the time that I was thankful for the friendship and bond that we as believers have in Christ, in that the Christian relationship is unique as we are all a part of one Body and have a special bond in Christ no matter where we come from or even if we just met. I have felt this unique bond so much in our relationship with John and Eta and doing C.R.O.S.S. Project ministry together, as well as in our relationship with our other teammates.

Beyond being thankful for the special and unique bond that we as believers have, I am also extremely thankful this week for my wife, Kristin. As we pass the 6th month mark in our ministry here in Zambia and I feel myself getting irritated quickly  by certain aspects of culture, I am continually amazed at Kristin’s love for Christ, her cheer, joy, steadfastness, hope in the Gospel, love for others and a positive attitude about culture. She is such a help to me as I do battle with getting frustrated about culture and sometimes have a very negative and pessimistic attitude. Kristin is such a joy and help to be around day in and day out here in Zambia (and everywhere), and I am SO thankful to the Lord that we are married and serving together here in Zambia. I love you so much!

2 responses to “So Thankful for Kristin Joy

  1. Derek, We are very thankful for your appreciation of our daughter and also for your leadership in the marriage. Love, Dad

  2. Derek, I love this! You both compliment each other SO WELL…thanks for being a great example of marriage and lifting one another up. I so miss you both, your humor, your love for the Lord, and all our good laughs together! Great post 🙂

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