4th of July – Zambian Style

The last two weeks have been such a blast with Leah here! We have definitely stayed busy…some of the busyness has been fun stuff like doing the clinic out in Chisamba (video coming soon…whenever out internet will let it upload), visiting the Kariba Dam, having a Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) and Vietnamese Iced Coffee extravaganza with the Hiltys and Huckabys, and staying up most evenings to talk and sip tea and eat Coffee Rios. We have also spent plenty of hours doing the mundane stuff, like sitting in traffic for hours and washing lots of dishes. But both the fun and the mundane have been so sweet, since we get to do them with a familiar friend.

Kariba Dam

And tomorrow morning we leave for Livingstone for another busy few days. First on the list is seeing Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Then, on America’s Independence Day, we’ll be paddling for dear life as we white water raft down the Zambezi River! To be honest with you, I’m a bit nervous about this, even though I’ve done plenty of crazier things in my lifetime. The consolation I have received from the experienced rafters is, “Don’t worry – you will come up after you fall out of the raft.” Somehow, that doesn’t feel so comforting, but…no matter how much of the Zambezi River I ingest, I will come up!

On our last day in Livingstone, we will hopefully get to tour the David Livingstone Museum, the place that holds more artifacts and journals of David Livingstone than any other place in the world. Having been to Livingstone four times already, I am excited to see the changes that have been made over the last 7 years since I last went, to do things I have never done down there before, and to spend it for the first time with my hubby and a good friend. 

Sadly, Leah leaves next Thursday. It’s hard to describe how sweet it has been to have her here. We love sharing our Zambia life here with someone from our Minnesota life. We love that Leah is from our primary sending church. We love that Leah has been to Africa and possibly loves Africa as much as we do. We love being able to talk about favorite people and familiar places and great theology. We love that Leah also loves Caribou Coffee as much as we do. I love that I get to talk about medical stuff with Leah. We love the way Leah encourages us and presses us on to love and good deeds. Thanks, Leah, for being our first visitor and for loving us in these ways!

At Lake Kariba

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  1. Dad and Mom

    We are so happy for both of you!

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