Confessions of a Former Kitchen Aid User

As Derek and I rummaged through all our earthly belongings and made piles of what would make it to Zambia and what would get nixed, I sadly knew that I would have to part ways with my beloved, yet monstrous, Kitchen Aid mixer.

At this very moment, somewhere in my sister and brother-in-law’s attic, sits my mixer – lonely, dejected, and unused. Also, at this very moment, somewhere in Zambia, an aspiring bread-maker is learning what Proverbs 21:17 means. “She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I would bring my mixer over here in a heartbeat if I could. But I also have enjoyed dusting off my childhood-learned skills of kneading dough without a mixer. And now that I don’t have the option of going down to Byerly’s and picking up specialty breads (the only options here are white or brown bread…I suppose every once in a while a local bakery makes “health” bread), I need to make them myself if I want them.

So far, I have enjoyed making different kinds of focaccia, lots of French bread, baguette bread, pizza dough, crescent rolls, cinnamon rolls, etc. Today, my goal is ciabatta.

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Well, I think for my first time making it, the ciabatta turned out fairly decent. But I’m no expert, and I’m a sucker for warm bread just out of the oven…whether or not a Kitchen Aid helped me get there.

4 responses to “Confessions of a Former Kitchen Aid User

  1. That bread looks great! Well done. It’s been neat hearing about your stories, life, work, etc.

  2. Ah, friend,
    Even with a Kitchen Aid I have yet to attack the unknown world of bread baking. For some reason I’m not surprised that as a former Carlson, you have done so and with success (I can remember your Mummy’s cinnamon roles – a bit of earthly heaven). 🙂 May your arms grow strong, your perseverance..well, persevere, and the presence of God fill your heart with all joy as you make the basic (yet most delicious – in my carb-saturated opinion) of food. May the Bread of Life fill you up.
    Peace 🙂

  3. Yum. Now I REALLY want to come visit 🙂 ha ha!!!

  4. Fairly descent? I would say successful! 🙂

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