Back In the Saddle

One of our goals since coming to Zambia has been to learn the language. Specifically, we have been working on Nyanja. Both Derek and I had spoken it a bit when we were here previously, but we were nowhere near fluent.

Since arriving in January, we have only been able to have 2 language classes, due to the busy schedule of our instructor. But tomorrow we start up again – hopefully this will be more consistent and long-lasting. Please pray that everyone’s schedules will work for our weekly classes.

Also, pray that God would give us ears to hear, minds to remember and understand, mouths to speak, and hearts that are eager to learn…for the sake of Jesus’ Name in Zambia.

Zikomo kwambiri! [Pronounced: Zee-koe-moe kwah-mbee-lee] (Thank you very much!)

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