What Do You Get When…

What do you get when you mix a missionary with a nurse with a person who likes to cook?

Papers like this scattered all over the house:

The top half of the page has the three reactions caused by different snakes here in Zambia. The bottom half is a recipe for hummus that I found online and scribbled on the closest piece of paper I could find at the time.

Welcome to Derek’s world of trying to collect all my “very important pieces of paper” everywhere and make sense out of it all.

One response to “What Do You Get When…

  1. LOL. Sorry, sorry, Derek. But Kristin – no joke, I bought dried chickpeas yesterday so I could make hummus! We’ll be like, twins!! I just have to figure out how to get them cooked or plump, or squishy enough to smash….you let me know how yours goes and I’ll let you know how mine goes….

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