The Price Is…

Here are the answers for yesterday’s The Price Is Right game (drumroll please……):

-A 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in Zambia is $22,000. $14,000 is how much it used to cost, before we had to start paying duty.

-A Toddler’s Bike in Zambia is $85.

-A can of Pringles in Zambia is $5 (sometimes $3 though. Like today at the grocery store, the almost-outdated Pringles were $5, and the fresh Pringles were $3).

-A custom-made desk in Zambia is $250. I don’t really know, but I think something like this would cost at least $375 (if not more) in the States.

-A basic 2-step step stool in Zambia is $70. You can find the same thing at Target for less than $30.

-An Essential toaster in Zambia is $25. You could find one comparable (if not better) at Target for $14.

-A 26oz jar of Kraft Mayo in Zambia is $8. This is $4 in the States.

-2 liters of fresh milk in Zambia is $3. It would be $5.50 for 1 gallon (3.79 liters = 1 gallon).

A few things are cheaper here than in the States, but many things are not just more expensive, they are astronomically more expensive. Zambia is completely land-locked and is in the “interior” of Africa. You probably noticed that all but 2 things were either “made in South Africa” or “imported from Japan.”

So, just because we live in Africa does not necessarily mean everything is cheaper. In fact, (at least in our case) it means the opposite…which is one reason why we are so grateful for such faithful and generous supporters!

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