The Price Is Right – Play to Win!

Over the last 8 weeks, we have spent a whole lot of Dollars and Kwacha on getting settled here. We also continue to be flabbergasted at some of the prices of things. So, we made a game out of it. Just like on The Price Is Right, you have to pick which of the two prices listed is the right price here in Zambia (the price is listed below the picture and description).

We will post the answers tomorrow, and if you get all of them right, you may win a no-expense paid trip to visit us! (i.e. You could win a special invitation to come visit us!)

Are you ready? Here we go…

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Made in 1999 (12 years old). 55,000 miles. Diesel. Good condition. Imported from Japan.

Price:  $22,000  OR  $14,000

Y-Bike, a 2-wheeled bike for toddlers. Made in South Africa.

Price:  $55  OR  $85

Can of Pringles. “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop!”. Made in South Africa.

Price:  $5  OR  $3

Custom-made desk. Solid mukwa (a hardwood similar to walnut, ash, or pecan). IKEA hardware. Made in Zambia.

Price:  $250  OR  $375


Flagram 2-Step Step Stool. Made in South Africa.

Price:  $30 OR $70

Essentials 2-slice toaster. Made in South Africa.


Price:  $25  OR  $14


Kraft Real Mayonnaise. 735 grams or 26oz or 1lb.6oz. Made in South Africa.

Price:  $4  OR  $8


Parmalat Fresh Milk. Full Cream. 2 Liters. Made in Zambia

Price:  $3  OR  $5.50

Come back tomorrow for the answers!

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