Only 5 Days Down. Already?

Last night, we said a phrase to one of our teammates to ask if she agreed or disagreed with it. The phrase goes like this: “Time in Zambia goes by fast, in an excruciatingly slow sort of way.” She agreed.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is Sunday. It feels like last Sunday was just a couple days ago. And yet, we have not even been in Zambia for a full 3 weeks. Cold, wintery, sanitized, comfortable Minnesota feels very different from warm, sunny, dirty, somewhat familiar Zambia.

I was positive that we had moved from Tim and Andrea Hilty’s house into our house around the corner at least a week and a half ago! But Derek informed me that it was only 5 days ago. Hmmm.

Whatever the case, our days have been full. We haven’t made as many trips to town since we moved into our house, but we have been working to get our house in shape. This has included painting our kitchen. Call me crazy, but the pink walls, cream-painted tile, and peach and brown cabinets weren’t giving me “nice ‘n cozy” vibes. My creative cooking juices were being stunted. So, we went paint shopping and got a light tan color for the walls and then white hi-gloss for the cabinets (makes for easy clean-up, especially in such a dusty place like Zambia).

All week we have been sweeping and re-sweeping floors, painting walls and cabinets, scraping dirty cream-colored paint off white tiles, arranging furniture (that part didn’t take long, as we only have 4 pieces to arrange), hanging curtains and mosquito net, filtering water, washing dishes and clothes, walking to the Farmer’s Market, getting Internet hooked up, killing spiders and grasshoppers in the house, shooing 6-inch long millipedes and baby lizards out of the house, and then finishing the week off by sipping on coffee shakes on a veranda with the warm sun tanning (hey, this fair-skinned Swede can wish!) our cheeks.

It has been a good week…not without its challenges for sure. We had a good chat yesterday with Tim Hilty, our field leader, about how every day in Zambia until we leave will have challenges. These challenges will make us grow. They will make us press hard into Christ. They will make us needy for God and others. They will make us trust God’s promises. They will make us more holy.

No, it’s not easy to live in Zambia. But it’s worth it. As I wore my “Don’t Waste Your Life” t-shirt (thanks, Jim and Barb W!!!!) this week, I was preaching to myself that anything costly about following Jesus to Zambia is worth the joy of being with Jesus…knowing Him better…entering into His sufferings more…and seeing others (including us!) love and admire and worship Him more today than we did yesterday.

Sorry there are still no pics. We’ll get some up soon. Thanks for your continued  support and prayers, even though we’ve been delinquent bloggers. 🙂

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