Tired in London

Our Chicago –> London flight went well and was uneventful. Although, even though both of us were so tired, we still had difficulty getting good sleep. Every 30-45 minutes we would wake up and shift around (though there is not much room to shift!) and nod off again.

Once we landed (at 3am Minnesota time), we dashed through security and border control and found Randolph and Madeline Melville – some dear British friends that we had met in Zambia 5 years ago and were able to connect with for lunch. We had a “lovely time” (as Madeline would say) getting fish and chips and driving around some of the London suburbs. Towards the end of our time, both Derek and I started to feel our lack of sleep kick in. (Sorry, Madeline and Randolph, that we were not more engaging!)

Anyways, we really enjoyed our time. It was fun to see some sights, smell the fresh 50-degree England air, connect with friends, and get a London stamp in my passport.

Now, we are freshening up a bit, checking the highlights from the Packers-Falcons game we missed, and hoping our flight leaves on time, so that we can take our Dramamine and Melatonin and, hopefully, get a good night sleep before touching down in Lusaka in less than 12 hours from now.

We hope to keep you updated with the happenings of our first week in Zambia!

4 responses to “Tired in London

  1. D&K. Thanks for your update. Praying for you! (Derek, the Packers game was great! It’s official, I’m now a Packer fan thanks to you and Daniel. I will cheer for them in your absence. Also, Sarah watched part of the game with me and she now understands what a “down” is and how many “downs” a team gets in attempt for a first “down” every 10 yards. However, she thought the term “down” was confusing and took several explanations to understand why a team got four “downs” to get a first “down”. I substituted the term “plays” for “downs” and that helped a great deal).

  2. May God keep His hand on you both. God bless you as you serve Him together in Zambia. In Jesus, Bill/ACTION USA

  3. Holding our breath (and praying!) to hear that you’ve landed safely with ALL your luggage:)

  4. Gail and Dru Wilson

    Been thinking about you and praying for safety and good travels. Thanks for the update! Hope you get some rest when you arrive, but I know you’ll be so excited! We’ll be praying! In Him, Gail (for all)

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