“May the Lamb receive the reward of his suffering!”

The time has arrived to head out, and it feels very surreal. All our goodbyes are over (for which we are so thankful). All our 15 bags have been checked. And here we sit at our gate in Chicago, ready to board in another hour. (Although, by the time we are able to post this, we might already be in Zambia! Sorry for the delay, but we don’t want to pay $6.95 for the Internet we would only get to use for 1 hour.)

Many thoughts have gone through my mind over the last week, but one has been recurring. And people who have prayed over us have prayed something to its effect that resonates in my heart. Namely, I have the desire that God would be pleased to use us for the building of his kingdom in Zambia.

Many years ago, the Moravians headed to the East Indies on a boat from Germany. As the boat pulled away from the dock, they raised their hands and shouted to those sending them off, “May the Lamb receive the reward of his suffering!”

Yes! That is what we want. Christ has paid the price. Would he use us to help bring in the harvest.

God has prepared us for this task. His power, grace, and hope will help us do the unimaginable in Zambia. We feel ready and peaceful in our hearts. To HIM be the glory!

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