What Goodbyes Look Like in Minnesota in January

Over the last week, we have been busy saying all our goodbyes to friends and family. We have a few pictures of what some of our goodbyes have looked like, but there is one goodbye that we did not capture. Leaving some very dear friends late on Saturday night was very teary, to say the least. As we walked out into the frigid Minnesota air, the once-warm tears on my cheeks quickly turned frozen.

I could not help but think at that moment, “In one week, I will be in 80-degree weather.” Yes, goodbyes are hard, for more reasons than just having frozen tears. But we are excited for our new life in Zambia, and for more reasons than just having wonderful weather.

Old Small Group

We have had lots of fun getting together with people and still making memories. It is sad to leave, but we are so happy for the incredible people that God has brought into our lives.

Getting Prayed For

We have been prayed for by our current small group, our old small group, our church, our Barnabas team, and my family all in the last week. What an encouragement and blessing it has been! We feel peace in our hearts, strength for the days ahead, and confidence that God is going with us and before us.

Stay tuned for more changes in our lives – only 3 more days until departure!

2 responses to “What Goodbyes Look Like in Minnesota in January

  1. God speed, dear ones.
    I am in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico right now, helping in a nursery, cracking and sorting macadamia nuts in the “nut house” and helping where ever needed.
    Keep sending your news letters.
    Love in His great and wonderful name.

  2. We are praying as you depart for Zambia this Sat. Praying for a great trip and smoooooooth transition!!

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