Sent Out In a Worthy Manner

Being commissioned is a special thing. I vividly remember when I was commissioned from Bethlehem back in 2002 – I was barely 21, I was single, and I was venturing out into the great unknown called Zambia for 18 months to work with street children.

The Fighter Verses that Pastor John prayed over me were from Deuteronomy 6:4-7.  He prayed that I would “teach these words diligently to the street children…and when I walk by the way, and when I crawl into my mosquito net at night…”

Over and over while I was in Zambia, God used the commissioning and prayer to encourage me to press on.

Derek and I were recently commissioned from one of our supporting churches in WI. What a gift it was to be sent out by them! And in a few minutes we will be heading to Bethlehem to get commissioned by Pastor Tom Steller. We are so blessed and eager to be sent out in such a manner by such a supportive church!

Hopefully we can get some video or pictures to pass on to those who are not able to make it.

One response to “Sent Out In a Worthy Manner

  1. Lindy and Mary Nelson

    We are praising God with you for the confirmation of full support, and praying for you as you prepare and leave on the 15th. Did you sell the car?
    We look forward to hearing how God will be working in and through both of you, Derek and Kristin! Lindy and Mary

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