We’re There!!

Well, after about 11 months of support-raising, we are pleased to announce that we are at 100% of our monthly support!!! It has been amazing to watch God work these past couple of weeks and to hear back from so many people about our monthly support needs! We are so blessed and humbled by all of your prayers and support! With the Lord bringing in our remaining monthly support needs, it also means that we were able to purchase plane tickets. So, our departure date for Zambia is January 15th out of Chicago. We feel so thankful and blessed by all of you, for your encouraging words, gifts, prayers, support, love and friendship.

Here are some prayer requests as we get ready these final weeks:

-That the Lord would give us sweet goodbyes with family and friends.

-That everything we need to get done would get done in a timely manner and without too much stress before we go.

-That our car would sell before we leave. (1998 Toyota Camry, 143,000 miles, manual, good condition, new brakes, AC, cruise, power windows, good gas mileage, $3,000).

-That we would get the rest of our bags safely over to Appleton, WI and then down to Chicago for departure on the 15th.

-That our bags and us would all get to Lusaka safely, timely and all together.

12 responses to “We’re There!!

  1. What wonderful news to bring in the new year! We’re so thrilled for you both and excited to be a part of your ministry. We will be praying specifically for you. Thanks for the requests.

  2. AWESOME! See you so soon!!

  3. What a great end-of-the-year answer to so many prayers! Thanks be to our God!!! We’re happy and excited for you, to finally be off on your new ministry.

  4. So happy for you!!! Can’t wait to see how the Lord will work even more in the years to come! What a great New Years celebration!!

  5. I praise God with you. This is such a wonderful way to end 2010 and begin 2011. Yes, I will pray your request.

  6. What a way to end 2010, and how encouraging to our faith! The Moleskys are THRILLED for you! All our love, Matthew for the fam.

  7. Jackie Brandini

    Wildly hurraying to God with you!!
    (The patchwork squares alongside these responses are very appropriate as the Lord carefully pieces together your own Dearth life-quilt.)

  8. Whoo-hoo! Last one to Africa is a rotten egg….!

  9. Wonderful! So happy for you. Praying for a smooth last few weeks before departure.

  10. Whooo hooo! Awesome news and a great way to start the new year. Excited to hear the adventure God has ahead for you!

  11. Wendy & Todd Matulle

    Congrats! Happy New Year! We are so happy for you! May God richly bless both of you in this ministry. We will definitely be praying for you and we will miss you terribly! Have a safe trip!

  12. Did you sell your car? I know someone who is looking for one.

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