Almost There!! (Support Update)

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! We are amazed and thrilled that our support is getting so close! As you can see from the graphic above, we are almost to 95%. To get the rest of the way to 100% of our monthly support, we only need 11 people to support us at $25 a month. Please pray (and praise God!!) with us that this remaining support would come in so we can set our departure date. (Because of the weak economy and the weak US dollar, our mission organization would like us to be at 100% before we depart for Zambia).


Our 12 (!!!) bags are almost all packed

3 responses to “Almost There!! (Support Update)

  1. Lindy and Mary Nelson

    Continuing to praise God and pray with you!

  2. I thank God with you and continue to pray that your last 5% will come in before Christmas. …a joy filled Christmas and New Year.

  3. Isabella Molesky

    How exiting! I will continue praying for you.

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