My Top 4 Christmas Movies

I (Derek) know that we have not even reached Thanksgiving yet, but since Thanksgiving dinner is the kickoff of the Christmas season and since we have had snow on ground here in the Twin Cities for a week already (which has put me in a more Christmas time mood) I thought I would put my list of movies that we always try to watch at Christmas time.

I don’t totally know why I like all of these movies. A lot of it I suppose is that I grew up watching them around this time of year. I know there are a lot of Christmas comedies that people would suggest, but since I am more of a classic movie fan and hopeless sentimentalist, here is my list!

(If videos do not appear click here)

Charlie Brown Christmas

How can you not love the scene where Linus tells CB what Christmas is all about from Luke 2:8-14? “Lights please:”

It’s a Wonderful Life

I know some people think that this movie can be cheese at some places and that theologically it doesn’t jive, but I still always like it and I really like James Stewart playing ‘George.’

White Christmas

Even though this movie is known for Bing singing ‘White Christmas’ at the beginning and the end, I love the ‘Sisters’ number spoof sung by Bing and Danny to stall for time as the girls get out of dodge. Sorry to all of you that if you live or come from warm weather Christmas climates, this movie is very biased against you.

The Nativity Story

We just started to watch this one last year and really liked how it was put together in the look, feel and flow of the film.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

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