A Missionary’s Job Description

It sort of goes without saying that the life of a missionary is a life of faith. In fact, before anyone signs up for missions there are some critical job descriptions that need to be recognized. Namely:

  • Make important decisions without knowing [necessary] information.
  • Base your life around unpredictable circumstances.
  • Live in such a way that makes people wonder if you’ve gone crazy.
  • Tell people things that make you wonder if you’ve gone crazy.

Just as there are the two great certainties in life (death and taxes), there are two great certainties in missions: unpredictable circumstances and a faithful God.

A few weeks ago, I turned in my 3.5-week notice to work…yesterday was my last day. When is our departure date, you ask? We don’t know. When do we hope to leave, you wonder? The end of November. Did all our support come in, you assume? No.

But every step along the way we have felt God faithfully continue to pull us closer and closer to Zambia. Doors that were once closed have opened, and we almost can see the runway stretching out in front of us.

Our most recent open door is with support. Yesterday, we received news that our monthly support is now up to 80%! Only 20% left before we can leave…at the end of November. Crazy? Definitely. Impossible? No way.

Help us pray in the rest of our support. And stay tuned for updates as we do our part in getting ready to leave.

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