Back at the Ranch

As our departure date for Zambia creeps up on us (we don’t exactly have a date yet, but we know it is getting close…stay tuned for details), we have made a point to get together with people we love and will miss. Sometimes getting together means traveling. So, last week, Derek and I made the 11.5-hour trip out to my parents’ house in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

Part of the significance of this trip was that my parents just put their house on the market, so this was probably the last time visiting the house I spent half of my growing up years in. Also, the church I grew up in – First Baptist Church of Mt. Pleasant – is one of our supporting churches, and we were able to see friends there and give a spur-of-the-moment update on Sunday in church.

Most of all, it was fun to hang out with my parents. Mostly, we just talked and talked. We included a few activities too, like going to General Jim’s Army Surplus store, getting coffee at Coffee Talk, walking around Central Michigan University’s campus, going out for Doozies Ice Cream (you can’t go to Mt. Pleasant in the summer without getting Doozies), and spending a day up at Mackinaw Island. It was all wonderful.

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