MORE Creative Ways to Support Us

{See updated information on our Items Needed page}

In addition to the financial ways of supporting us that we mentioned in the other post, we came up with a few “outside of the box” ways to support us.

Part of what gave us this idea was a friend who worked for REI when I was preparing to leave for Zambia in 2002. She said that as a way of supporting me, she wanted to use her REI discount to help me out – so, she bought me some Chacos (which I still have to this day!).


Chacos stand up to the test in Zambia


And a couple weeks ago, someone else volunteered to use her Aveda discount to help me with some hair products for while we’re in Zambia.

And the creativity doesn’t have to end there – perhaps you have certain connections or certain things lying around your house that you don’t need or would like to use as a way of supporting us. If so, here are some ideas:

-Big pieces of sturdy luggage

Rubbermaid “Action Packer” binsTHANK YOU!


-Ipod speaker

-AA and D cell batteries

-Duct tape

Candle lanterns

-Regulation-size football (American football)

-Baseball gloves

-BPA-free Nalgenes

-Mosquito repellant

Zap Racket

Prentice Hall Nurse’s Drug Guide 2011

-Hard shell guitar case

We are starting a page on our blog just for these kinds of things, so you don’t have to search back for this blog. And we’ll try to keep it updated as far as things received or new things we’ve thought of. There will also be info for how to get these things to us.

One response to “MORE Creative Ways to Support Us

  1. LOVE chacos. LOVE aveda. LOVE you guys!!!

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