Creative Ways to Support Us

1 Million Kwacha = $200

Derek and I are entering the homestretch for raising support. We’re so excited about that! Yet…it is just that – the homestretch. We’re almost there, but we’re not there…yet.

Maybe you have been reading our updates or blog and have contemplated supporting us, but you don’t want to be just a drop in the bucket. You want to do something significant but don’t feel like you are in that position financially. We totally understand.

That’s why we are coming up with some creative ways for anyone in almost any financial situation to support us! Perhaps the amount doesn’t seem significant, but what it will make you think of each month is very significant…

-$15.20/month – 15.2% of Zambians are infected with HIV

-$20/month – 20% of the population of Lusaka is infected with HIV

-$38/month – 38 is the average life expectancy at birth in Zambia

-$2/day or $60/month – the average income for a Zambian

-One time gift of $600 – there are 600,000 orphans in Zambia due to AIDS

-One time gift of $1,200 – last year, 1,200 people died from AIDS-related causes (though this number is probably much higher in actuality, as many people do not get tested for HIV or do not disclose their status due to stigma and fear).

There are many ways to support us, and all of them are significant. Would you consider how you could partner with us for the sake of Jesus’ name in Zambia?

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